Key to a Successful Change Transformation

Productivity. Efficiency. Motivation.

Let me be your guide and help you identify where your weak spots exist. With chosen members of your team, together we will implement the efficiency enhancing tools. These will educate and motivate employees to the philosophy of Continuous Improvement.


Identify the real status of the processes. Detect  problems, uncover inefficiencies. The outcomes will result in a Program for Change which will transform the performance of your organisation and provide an approximate estimate of financial savings.

Optimize processes

Propose new workflows. Implement changes step by step. Fine tune and adjust for the improving results.

Develop local Lean Specialists

Provide internal specialists with short and long-term guidance and insight into advanced efficiency-enhancing techniques.

Teach employees at all levels, including Management & Leadership Team the philosophy of Continuous Improvement.

Teach the companies’ managers to effectively think and employees how to work more productively.

Interim management

Provide necessary support to local management during implementation of the Lean Transformation Program.

Collaborate with other Lean Experts

I have a network of the very best Lean Practitioners built over many years and depending on the size of the project, will usually invite a small number to work with me on implementation.

Avoid the Crises

Help organizations survive or avoid getting into crisis.  Help survive the merciless price battle by instilling the philosophy of Continuous Improvement. Demonstrate how to eliminate the biggest enemies of Productivity and Efficiency:

– High costs

– Long lead times

– Poor motivation

Conflicts and poor Communication

– Inappropriate working Environment

– Poor and inconsistent Quality

– Resistance to Change

Changing Mindsets. Teaching the path of Continuous Improvement

The Lean Journey – Commitment to Perfection.

Committing to Continuous Improvement is a Commitment that must be done by the entire Company.

From the most senior Leader and his/her Team and every single Employee.

Only then will an organization realize:

Case studies

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Case study 2
Case study 3

My Experience & Achievements

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Three Approaches - One result

Od filozofie k reálným výsledkům. Každý sektor, každý projekt má jiné nároky. Na každý aplikuji jiný přístup.

TPS (Toyota Production System)

Production system for the complete removal of all waste. It is often referred to as „lean Production System“ or a „Just-in-Time“

OpEx (Operational Excellence)

An important element of organizational leadership. It aims to meet the expectations of customers, increasing the competence of contractors and Continuous Improvement of work activities.

WCM (World Class Manufacturing)

The method used to reduce costs, improve quality and increase customer satisfaction. It consists of technical and managerial procedures.


Partnership with Workforce

Dalibor has worked with LCL on a number of successful Lean Transformations. I am very happy to have him on one of our teams. He has long experience of working with Lean Practices & Philosophy. He is comfortable communicating and working with employees at all levels either as individuals or in teams. He consistently delivers excellent results and always strives for the highest standards.

I am very happy to recommend him.

Liam Cassidy

Managing Director LCL Consult Ltd.

The Lean Journey

My mission is constant development. From myself and from others, I require an open mind, a lack of formalism, opening doors to new opportunities.

The way of thinking according to the Lean philosophy became for me the way to fulfillment and a philosophy that has been successfully implemented in postwar Toyota. I was fortunate to observe the masters at work on an internship in Japan. I learned from renowned Gemba coach Michael Ballé.

I harmonize body and mind through the paths to nature, learning other cultures. I am looking for unusual views of the world with the optics of a camera.



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